Terms and Conditions of Activity Bookings

Health and Safety

The activities offered are hazardous in nature and booking on an activity or course signifies acceptance of an element of risk. All participants over 18 must sign the 'Group member details' section of the booking form. Parents/guardians/teachers, or anyone signing a booking form on behalf of others, is deemed to have accepted a degree of risk on behalf of their charges. If the person signing the booking form on behalf of under 18's is not their parent/guardian, s/he must obtain and bring to the booking written consent from the parent/guardian of each participant under 18. Participants should recognise their responsibility for their own Health and Safety. Participants on water-based activities, such as canoeing, raft-building, rafting coasteering, or those hiring canoes, should normally be able to swim. Anyone who would like to take a water-based course, but is unable to swim, should contact our office for advice. Participants on activity bookings who have a condition which could affect their participation should check with their doctor before booking; and must advise the office, with details of any special needs and medication carried, at time of booking. Mountain & Water instructors are trained in first aid, and carry a first aid kit on activities, but it is the responsibility of individuals to bring medication and personal items e.g. aspirins, sunscreen and insect bite cream. THESE ITEMS WILL NOT BE ISSUED. Participants should be aware of the existence in the outdoor environment of naturally occurring infections such as tetanus and leptospirosis, and take precautions, such as cleaning and covering abrasions, cuts and scratches occurring before or during outdoor activities, and showering after outdoor activities. If you feel unwell, even some days or weeks after outdoor activities, consult your doctor and tell him/her what you have been doing and where. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians, teachers or other group leaders to ensure that their charges take appropriate precautions before, during and after their activity or course.



Mountain & Water carries public liability insurance for all activities offered. Personal insurance for clients is NOT included and participantion is at your own risk.


Booking Deposit and Balance Payments

A non-refundable deposit of 25% is payable on all bookings made more than 21 days before the course commencement date. The balance of the fee is payable 14 days before commencement of the course, and is non-refundable. The full fee is due with bookings made within 21 days of the course commencement date. The person signing the 'Payment details' section of the booking form on behalf of the client/s undertakes to comply with the schedule for payment of fees. In the event of cancellation by the client the payment received for the booking may, at the discretion of Mountain & Water, be transferred to another date. In this event an administration fee may be charged. Mountain & Water reserve the right to alter venues for activities or hire should conditions dictate. In the event of outright cancellation of a course by Mountain & Water, a choice of full refund of any monies paid or transfer to another booking will be offered.


Terms and Conditions for Activity Bookings

1. Appropriate safety equipment is provided for the security of course participants. Participants will be directed when and how to use it by the instructor(s) in charge; these directions are to be followed at all times.

2. Any person who disregards instructions given by staff of Mountain & Water may be asked to leave a course at any time and take no further part. In this eventuality no refund will be made.

3. Mountain & Water reserve the right to modify or curtail the programme in the event of conditions being, or becoming, unsuitable.

4. Mountain & Water reserve the right to curtail the course/activity in the event of incident, accident, or injury.

5. In the event of (4) above, and not withstanding (6. below), if such curtailment makes a significant difference to the outcome of a course, an alternative date for completion of the course will be offered at no extra cost. Should this not be possible a proportional refund will be offered.

6. If the incident, accident or injury causing curtailment is the result of participants disregarding the instructions of Mountain & Water staff, or failure to observe safety precautions as directed, no refund will be given and a charge may be made for providing an alternative date for the completion of the course, at the discretion of Mountain & Water.

7. The person signing the booking form undertakes to ensure that the group attending the course will comply with the terms and conditions. If that person does not attend the course, they are responsible for ensuring that the course participants are made aware of the terms and conditions prior to attending the course.



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