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The Campaign for Land Reform in Wales

on-line petition

Paper petition to download and complete.

Return completed petitions to Ashley Charlwood, WCA, Sandy Buttle Buildings, Frongoch, BALA, LL23 7NU.

Did you know that:

• A range of evidence shows that canoeing and/or boating activity was historically permitted on all waters.

• Under the modern interpretation of the law there are in excess of 300 rivers and numerous lakes in Wales that have no provision for public access. There is a lack of legal clarity regarding access rights in England and Wales.

• In Scotland, and most places in the world, the public enjoy access to water as a right. All users enjoy the co-operative use of a natural resource.

• The Scottish Land Reform Bill (2003) enshrines a right of access along waters, and commits users to obey an environmentally friendly code of conduct.


This is not rocket science, but common sense. Why should the position in Wales be any different?


The Welsh Canoeing Association (WCA) is committed to doing something positive to solve these issues.


WCA is campaigning to secure legislation that:

• is in favour of access to and along water

• will place environmental responsibilities on user groups


• will remove the uncertainty that prevents participation 'Access not Process'


You can help the WCA to secure sensible modern access legislation in Wales in two ways:

1. Sign the on-line petition to the Welsh Assembly Government or download and complete the Paper version. Return completed petitions to Ashley Charlwood, WCA, Sandy Buttle Buildings, Frongoch, BALA, LL23 7NU.

2. Become an Access Supporter

WCA has launched an Access Supporters Scheme, which is aimed at paddlers who either paddle in Wales, or simply wish to support the activities of the WCA in generating further facilities for Paddlesport and most importantly in pressing for the introduction of legislation in favour of access to and along the inland waters of Wales.

To secure CRoW the Ramblers Association needed 11 full time staff. Unfortunately partnership funding is relatively unavailable for this and so WCA are trying to engage with sympathisers to our cause by launching this access supporters package.

The Access Supporters Package includes the following Benefits:

* Money Ring-fenced for Access Development * Discounts at Canolfan Tryweryn * Enrolment on the WCA/ WSA Sport'ers Benefits site * Discounts on WCA Supplies other than personal performance tests and awards / certificates * Ability to attend the WCA's Access Forum and events. * Access Enews Letter if subscribed * Access Supporters Card allowing access concessions and discounts where applicable

Please note that the Access Supporter's package does NOT include:

* insurance * voting rights * reciprocal BCU membership benefits. * BCU Waterways licence: To receive these you must become a member of your relevant home nation national governing body.

The Access Supporters package is available now, and will be open to all those who wish to support the Access Development work of the WCA.

The cost of the Package will be £20 per annum and all monies raised will be ring-fenced for Access Development Work.

Access Supporter application form 


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