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Canoe and Kayak Hire


Below are the dates which are fully booked or have limited availability. Please Contact Us to check availability for other dates.

While river levels are very high, bookings for the rivers Wye or Severn in the near future are made on the understanding that it may be necessary to transfer the booking to a canal location, or to another mutually convenient date.




For full details of canoe and kayak hire:

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  Canoe and Kayak touring is a peaceful and environmentally sustainable way to enjoy a day on the water with a waterside picnic, watch wildlife or spend a holiday exploring an area 'off the beaten track' moving between campsites or B&B's. And it's FUN!

Backwaters hire open canoes, open cockpit kayaks and, for the more experienced, closed-cockpit kayaks on a number of waterways in South Wales and the Borderland. 

Backwaters welcomes canoeists who want responsibly to enjoy the waterways and countryside, leaving it as they found it, nad respecting other users and wildlife.


If you are not sure about your ability for unaccompanied canoe hire see our Guidance for Canoe Hire page. We offer Guided Tours and a 'River Awareness' Day. We can also arrange skills training courses at various levels from beginner to open and white-water.





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Last updated 29 May 2016