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About Backwaters

We are a family-run business, established in Wales in 1988.  Our philosophy is a relaxed but responsible approach to adventure, enabling our clients to enjoy the countryside while travelling at their own pace. 


Backwaters welcomes canoeists who want responsibly to enjoy the waterways and countryside, respecting other users and wildlife.  We are proud of our working environment and will share our love of the outdoors with you, alongside our canoeing and kayaking expertise.


If you are not sure about your ability for unaccompanied canoe hire see our Guidance for Canoe Hire page. We offer Guided Tours and a 'River Awareness' Day.  We can also arrange skills training courses at various levels from beginner to open and white-water.’ Environmental Policy

Backwaters is committed to preserving and maintaining the environment in which we operate and to minimising the environmental impact of our operation. We try at all times to:

• Develop a positive awareness of the environment.

• Constantly review the environmental impact of our operations.

• Identify and control risks to environment and wildlife, as a result of canoeing, kayaking and camping.

• Provide information and instruction; brief clients and consult with staff as necessary, to minimise the impact on the environment of canoeing, kayaking and camping.

Backwaters has signed up to the Environmental Charters of the BBNP and conforms to the environmental policy of Canoe Wales. The recommendations of these organisations are kept on file in the booking office, and, where appropriate, appended to the Operating Procedures.


Backwaters Ethical Trading Policy

Backwaters supports fair trade principles. Wherever possible we:

• support local businesses

• support ethical businesses

• use Fair Trade products.


Polisi Iath Gymraeg 'Backwaters' Welsh Language Policy

At Backwaters we are proud to belong to the bilingual Welsh nation, and we support efforts to protect the future of Cymraeg - the Welsh language. At present we are unable to offer our service yn Gymraeg - in the Welsh language, but some of us speak a little Welsh. We endeavour to:

• use Welsh greetings alongside English

• use some Welsh on our web site and publicity

• use the original Welsh names for locations, or give the English name alongside the Welsh. 


Access Statement

Canoe and kayak hire takes place on natural, improved and man-made waterways, which vary greatly in their accessibility. We do not have special provision for disabled clients, but we are happy to help in any way possible if clients with special needs wish to hire canoes or kayaks.


Access to the Countryside

Backwaters supports the movement for fair, shared, sustainable open access to the outdoors.  In particular:


Waters of Wales - WoW

River Access for All

Clear Access, Clear Waters.  British Canoeing



Data Protection

We hold contact details as provided by suppliers, staff, clients and enquirers.  These may be held in hard copy format on invoices, booking forms etc, or electronically in the case of emailed documents and conversations.  These data are accessed solely for the purpose of the business of Backwaters and are not divulged to third parties without the consent of the person concerned.  Data are held for the amount of time needed for statutory compliance with regulations such as tax and insurance.  Records are destroyed at the end of this time.

We also hold images supplied to us by clients and others and these may be used on our web sites or in publicity material according to the consent given when the image was supplied.


For more information, see our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.